Felt Book Cover

Felt Book Cover

A nice art idea - make your own cover for your favorite book using felt.

What you need

Paper to make a pattern
Craft glue


Start by measuring the book to be covered and make a pattern using the paper.

To do this you roll the book over the paper marking it as you go. This should allow a half inch (2.5 cm)at the top and the bottom and also a 3 inch (7 cm)allowance at the sides.

The felt jacket should fit well but not tight to allow for movement of the spine.

Place the pattern on the felt and cut it out making sure you allow for the half inch and 3 inch allowance.

Fit the jacket to your book and turn-in and pin the top and bottom seams to make sure it fits. Sew top and bottom seams. Tuck-in to front and back covers, forming pockets into which the front and back covers will slip into.

Measure your glasses and cut a suitable sized pocket for them. Stick or stitch onto the front cover.

Other trims can be added such as a flower motif like we have added above or you can use decorative store bought motifs or your initials.


  1. This is a good idea, very nice on my art book!

  2. awsome book cover thnxx!! <3

  3. Thanks so much for these instructions. While straight forward, I wouldn’t have ended up with nearly as nice a result without your help. Now my daughter has a lovely journal to write all of her secret thoughts in.

  4. ok i guess

  5. This is an interesting idea.

  6. rockyroad12 says

    i love it!!!!

  7. Great! I am an inspiring author and reading is one of my hobbies! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderfull craft!

  8. it’s great, I’ve made a variation before, and it worked out really well!

  9. I am aspiring authour, and I love crafts-so this was the perfect thing for me!

  10. neat, i like the glasses pocket idea

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