Dream Pillow

Dream Pillow

Dream Pillows were pillows filled with rose petals or flowers for maiden's to lay their head on. They have been used for years to help promote sleep and for other medicinal purposes. In this project, learn to make your own dream pillow!

What you need

2 pieces of material, any size or shape
Herbs and Spices or Lavender Stuffing
Essential oils


Make your pillows any where from 2.5 inch (5cm) square to a normal sized pillow.

You could make your pillow, square, round, shaped like a cloud, or shaped like a whimsical fairy or star.

If you are adding lavender (for insomnia) or adding other herbs or spices, you may want to give them an added boost by adding a few essential oil droplets to the dried herbs or lavender.

To make your dream pillow take your two pieces of material that have been cut into your selected size or shape.

Stitch along three sides of the material, then turn it right side out. Leave a opening big enough to add your herbs and stuffing.

Once your pillow is full but still soft giving the herbs room to breath, stitch up the opening.

To refresh the scent of your pillow after several weeks, simple add a few drops ofΒ  Β to the outside of the pillow.

For gift giving place them into a pretty organza bag with a home made tag.


  1. This was fun a project ,my sister and I had a awesome time making this dream pillow . Though it didn’t come out the way we expect but it was our first time using a needle and thread. (:

  2. nice idea.

  3. nice idea.

  4. I love this idea!! It is a great mothers day gift and easy to make!

  5. Cool! πŸ™‚

  6. awsome

  7. I add essential oil to a cotton ball and add to the cotton stuffing for the pillow. It absorbs the secent without ‘leaking’ onto the fabric, and prevents getting poked by herbs.

  8. How long we can use it? Some herbs get invasion by insect, ya know?

  9. they are very cute and make great sleepover gifts

  10. Awesome, I can’t wait to try it!

  11. its really good to use,i loved it because its fragrance is awesome!!!!its looking very fancy and eye catching…

  12. how come this is the same as the “sinus sneeze pillow”?? Just wondering… and I love all the great ideas. You guys have helped me a lot!

  13. this is a really quick and easy idea πŸ™‚ sounds great
    im in yr 8 and am using it for one of my projects

  14. That is awesome. It will make a great gift for my friend on her birthday. *thumbs up*

  15. buttonsand says

    I occasionally add dried rose petals in with lavender.

  16. I really like the idea . I sometimes have trouble going to sleep

  17. this looks like such a cute, easy, and fun project

  18. i like it

  19. i like the ribbons and the satin fabric

  20. i like the ribbons and the satin fabric

  21. luxurious and yet again easy to make,even though this item i already selling in shops, bein handmade gives it a nicer touch
    thnx i can give thi as a gift to my friend, she’ll love it!!!!

  22. Awsome!!!!!!!!

  23. its ok….i like it a lot…and i love to have alot alot alot of things on my bed when i sleep!!!!!!!!!!!love tristan

  24. good for gift giving!

  25. Jeanette1234 says

    great idea im always looking for ideas for the kids teachers.

  26. this is a wonderful project i cant wait to try it out

  27. its great idea!i like it

  28. beautiful healing comfort luxury project

  29. what a great idea!

  30. What a great idea! i often have trouble falling asleep, and i also love having lots of pillows on my bed. maybe i can find two scents to mix!great idea!

  31. cute

  32. cute

  33. I`ve made several of the dream pillows and my customers love them!, Thank you

  34. Excellent idea!!

  35. look’s awesome

  36. i have to make this for a class and now that i see how easy and fun they are to make i think i will make one for my mom who is really into sents and things for her birthday, and maybe for my friends for christmas! they are so cute and easy! personal too!

  37. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Lavender is great for sleeping.

  38. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    i love this idea..and i agree with jess..not JESSICA, but Jess…love it..love josie

  39. are there certin herbs that work better for helping you sleep?

  40. egyptologist9 says

    this really works I made it and put lavender in it and slept like a baby

  41. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    This pillow is meant to be soft to sit under your pillow. Oats would make it very uncomfortable. I would not suggest using oats at all.

  42. hi when you say stuffing can you use oats

  43. This is just a shirny pillow with herbs inside it. It’s cute, but I made one of these when I was 8, and I gave myself the idea. The ribbon is cute though..

  44. I was thinking this would be a good idea for teens to make for their friends for gifts; something personal but simple

  45. This is a great website, and a great and easy gift. My mom has sleeping problems so I know this will help. It’s a great idea! I think it would make the perfect Mother’s day gift!

  46. very strange

  47. This is one that I will have to try this weekend.

  48. This is one that I will have to try this weekend.

  49. wonderful

  50. this is a great idea for many things , peaceful sleeping, insomnia , bad dreams almost anything you can think of , just do some research on the herbs first

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