Dollar Tree Shelf Liner Wreath

Dollar Tree Shelf Liner Wreath

This Dollar tree craft shows you how to hack shelf liners to create this welcome door wreath.

What you need

Dollar Tree 14 inch round wire wreath form

Dollar Tree Metal Welcome piece

Dollar Tree Wooden Tiki sign or something similar

Paint Brush

Waverly White Chalk Paint


Dollar Tree Shelf Liner 2 of each color, white, gray, and black

Hot Glue Gun


Start by flipping the dollar tree wooden sign over and painting the backside with 3 coats of waverly white chalk paint.

Next cut each bundle of shelf liner in half (while it is still wrapped up)

Next cut 5/6 inch sections of the shelf liner (they will be square shapes)

Next fold each section of the shelf liner like an accordion and then wrap it through one of the middle wires of the wreath.

Complete this with all of the sections, wrapping them through one of the middle wire sections. I alternated the colors that I was using to add more dimension. Complete this all the way around the entire wreath. (Note: Nothing is being tied to the wire, just weaved through the wire section.)

Next add a few dabs of hot glue to the backside of the welcome metal piece and add to the painted white section of the wooden sign

The wooden sign had a jute twine piece to hang it by, so I just looped it through the bottom wire section of the wreath so it would hang from the top.




  1. Diane P Giaquinto says

    I think it looks beautiful. A while back I made one but I tied the pieces to all the wires. I am going to make another one using your method. Thanks for the inspiration.

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