Chunky lace knit cap

Chunky lace knit cap

This is a simple knitting pattern for a chunky lace knit cap.

What you need

Needles: US 11
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky (one ball any color and scraps for contrast color)



yo = yarn over
k2tog = knit two together
p2tog = purl two together

Cast on 42 sts
(cable cast on preferred)
work 20 rows: *yo, k2tog*
(make sure to start each row with yo,
do not use and edge stitch)

next row: k2tog across, k1
next row: p2tog across
next row: k2tog across, k1

Pull yarn through remaining sts and sew seam.

With contrast color or two strands of aran yarn, work a round of sc along edge of hat. Crochet a flower and sew to edge of hat.

~designed by missa @


  1. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Australian Conversion – Needle Size 8, Yarn 12 ply

  2. Would love to knit this beanie but not sure on what wool to use, example, what ply as I’m in Australia, and also needle size would 12mm bre alright. Thanks Glenda.

  3. Jenzdesigns says

    Came out beautifully. Used 1 ball (50g) of chunky yarn and 60 stitches, and worked out the casting off down to 9 stitches. And the casting off should read *k2tog, k1 across*. I found it confusing written the other way. Ready to make another now. Thanks for sharing this pattern.

  4. Jenzdesigns says

    Thanks for these great patterns.

  5. Thank you for the pattern. I have recently become dissabled with cancer and this will give me something to do. Our community has a group that gives out hats at Christmas to children in need so I am going to get started now for next year. I am so excited to make this. do you have the pattern for the flower? I don’t know how to crochet but I have a friend who will help me learn how to do it. Thank you again.

  6. This is SO cute! Can’t wait to try it. I gotta finish all of my Christmas prezzies first though. =/

  7. Where can I find the directions to make the flower? My daughter picked out this pattern and wants it to look just like the picture.

  8. This pattern is lovely and the hat is quite tight-fitting so its warm and cosy. But you need at least 60 stitches or possibly more, and quite a few extra rows for the length. I used a chunky yarn which came out beautifully.

  9. Love this pattern! Made it with one 50g ball of Twilley’s Freedom on 8mm needles. Only took me a few hours and looks great, thanks : )

  10. Is this pattern supposed to be made with regular needles and stitch up at the edges or with double pointed needles knitted in a circle?

  11. I agree with the commenter about the length of the hat. I love the stitch but it was much too short and I am extending it to be probably about 30 rows before the decrease pattern. Without the extension it barely covered the top of my head! Otherwise, I love the stitch and how easy but elegant it looks when completed.

  12. this is soo beutiful but what type of yarn over are you supposed to do purl,knit,or purl knit yarn over?

  13. Fast, easy, fun project. WAAYYYYYYYY too small, though. Needs more rows of the lace work and it needs extra stitches. I have a very small head and I couldn’t fit it. Making it again, this time, with some modifications. I think I’ll try 25-30 rows of the lace work.

  14. Pretty!!!

  15. I love it! It has a very modern and fashion forward look. The colours scream fashionista! Can’t wait to make it myself!

  16. pinkygirl375 says

    i love this pattern!!! cute but still VERY stylish! thank u!

  17. I can’t wait to try this hat!!!

  18. Great pattern although 42 stitches was tiny on me. Had to make it about half as big again

  19. craftyISme_14 says

    this is sooo cute!! i definitely am going to make this right now!! It makes a cute present too!!! can you put a different shape on like a butterfly?

  20. craft_grl246 says

    it looks professional!!

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