Chakra Healing Dolls

Chakra Healing Dolls

Chakra Doll's make great gifts for those who are interested in Spiritual healing or meditation. These dolls can be made in different sizes for different purposes.

What you need

Coloured felt
Sewing machine or glue
Red Felt for the Heart
Toy filling
Embroidery thread in
Blue/black and red


Make small ones for key chains and Pocket Pals and larger scented ones for meditations dolls to be held whilst meditating. They also make great healing dolls for loved ones who need a get well gift.

Use the coloured felt to suit the Chakra doll of your choice.

Start by cutting out a very basic body shape in the size you want to make your doll. Allow a few inches in the width for the sewing seams.

Sew around the edges and turn the doll right side out. Use a pencil to push the legs and arms out if you are having trouble.

Take your embroidery thread and stitch in the eyes and mouth a small Asterix will be enough for the eyes. Alternatively, you could use permanent markers and draw on the facial features.

Fill the doll with Toy Filling or Wadding , make it firm but not hard.

If your Chakra doll is going to be scented add a few drops of the essential oil into the filling before sewing the top of the head closed.

If you want to make your doll a hangup doll, sew in a small length of ribbon at this stage also.

Cut out a small red heart for your doll and glue it onto the doll. Alternatively you can sew this onto the body before stitching it up.

Chakra Colors

Survival Grounding – Red
Emotions, Desires – Orange
Power, Will – Yellow
Love Relationships – Green
Communication – Blue
Intuition – Indigo
Awareness – Violet

For more information on Chakra’s have a look at this free detailed Chart



  1. great
    i like the idea

  2. This is a really cute idea, i was looking for something to make my great grandmother for her bday, and i couldnt think of anything “what can i get a 92 year old, who has had everything?”. I found this! and i dont think she has one of these :D. What a wonderful idea!

  3. cutsie

    but this is the same as dammit doll practicly, no?

  4. Entry Word: occult
    Function: adjective
    Meaning: 1 being beyond one’s powers to know, understand, or explain — see mysterious 1
    2 having an often intentionally veiled or uncertain meaning — see obscure 1
    3 having seemingly supernatural qualities or powers — see mystic 1

  5. Entry Word: occult
    Function: adjective
    Meaning: 1 being beyond one’s powers to know, understand, or explain — see mysterious 1
    2 having an often intentionally veiled or uncertain meaning — see obscure 1
    3 having seemingly supernatural qualities or powers — see mystic 1

  6. I’ll definately be making some of these for meditation during my labor. I like the idea of putting the corresponding stone in each one. Thanks!

  7. I love such things! For sure a great idea. I am going to make each one and put the corresponding stone in them. This would be such a great gift for my friends. Thank you so much!

  8. i think this is a very easy project and i like it.

  9. mystweaver says

    Yes, I think this doll is excellent for many of my friends who are spiritual. Meditation and chakras are of a spiritual nature not an occult nature.
    Honestly, don’t talk about what you don’t know. I will use dif. fabric to make more durable.

  10. i don’t think it is the doll pattern that gives the idea of the occult, but the occult advertisements attached to the bottom of the pattern instructions.

  11. Lizabeth17 says

    Wow…let me just say, I am Wiccan and am proud to hear all the positive comments countering the one negative one on “occult”. It’s nice to see a thing like this defended. Blessed Be **

  12. I love the idea of this project.

  13. nickylovescupcake13 says

    I think it’s great. And on the point of the”occult”,you are wrong. I am sorry if this seems harsh, but budhism/hinduism(forgive me if I spell these wrong)is a religion. I am a believer of Jesus and don’t have the same belief, but I use chakra stuff alot.

  14. (in indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.
    Origin from the Sanskrit cakra ‘wheel or circle,’ from an Indo-European base meaning ‘turn’ shared by wheel.

  15. Wonderful little doll & easy to make. According to the dictionary, chakras are centers of spiritual or physical energy in the body according to yoga philosophy.

  16. it magickal

  17. voodoo, hoodoo operate w/ Faith not fear. Read The Power of Intentions, Faith Healing is the Future.

  18. This is so precious; thank you so much for including this. <3 What a sweet and thoughtful idea.
    I'm a little saddened that Mr/s. Uber-Conservative had to go and shower the page with his/her ignorance, though.

  19. My daughter just had cancer surgery and i’m in the process of making her a doll that includes all of the chakra points, i think it is a wonderfully cute idea, and may post a pattern for my daughters doll once it is finished.

  20. This doll is fun to make, but it makes me think of voodoo.

  21. really good healing dolls! im making 1 4 my mom and dad their really stressed nowadays!

  22. Okay, someone makes a (very cute) doll and uses a word you may not recognize, and all of this is suddenly something evil? Most of you should be adults, and it dissapoints me that some of you are so closed-minded.
    Uber cute doll by the way! =D

  23. Im definitleymaking one of the to give to my aunt with leukemia

  24. occult? LOL apparently people have sick minds when they think spiratual healing is BAD!!! these are beautiful dolls,

  25. What does occult mean?

  26. Occult???? Well, I guess all of the sick kids at the local children’s hosptial are now apart of it….Funny the parents were very greatful for the small gift, and the smiles were the best reward.

  27. Another one very impressed with the idea and design and rolling her eyes at the occult accusations 🙂

  28. this is a very fun craft, but even if someone was into the “occult” which that person seems not to no anything about .. it’s there own business and not of others

  29. I just wanted to say, I happen to be very into spiritual healing and stuff like that. It’s not evil, it’s not occult (not that there’s anything wrong with occult), it’s just another belief. I’m still a good person, I just believe in something different.

  30. I love the connection to the chakra page with a reminder of colors and essential oils.

  31. Great little doll… and what’s wrong with the occult, anyway?

  32. I love it…I will make lots of these for my friends and myself.

  33. great idea very cute. A lot of people do not know about chakras at all. Not everything you never heard of has to do with occult. Educate yourself before speaking publicly.

  34. I sarcastically thought, “A conservative person will complain about this” and I was right! Hilarious. Cute doll, by the way.

  35. It’s a doll for meditation, not a VOO DOO doll! Chakras have to do with centers of energy in the body, hardly the occult!

  36. If someone is not into meditations and learning about chakras, then this could be a “gingerbread” doll to hang on a tree or wreath. I love this and am giving it to my yoga partner, thanks so much for the neat and easy idea!

  37. Occult? are you kidding? its a meditation doll not a voodoo doll

  38. Would not have thought craftbits would include things that verge on the occult, very dissapionted

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