Vintage Fabric Flower Power Pin

Vintage Fabric Flower Power Pin

Here's a groovy flower pin that will make you want to throw up peace signs, not wear a bra, and kick off your shoes so you can walk around barefoot!!! I used vintage fabric in this pin that I found at thrift stores, but you can use any fabric you want.

What you need

3 or 4 different vintage fabric prints(small patterns work well)
Needle and thread
1 Colorful button
A pin brooch back
Hot glue gun


Step 1: Cut 2 inch petal shapes out of the fabric, make sure you cut out 2 for each petal because you will be sewing them together. Cut out 6 set of petals.

Step 2: Put front sides together and sew by hand around the outside. Leave the bottom open. Do this 6 times.

Step 3: Since your petals are inside out, take a pencil end or something small and turn it the right side out.

Step 4: Put the petals together to form a flower.

Step 5: Put the button in the middle and sew it on, make sure all of the petals get sewn together while you are doing this.

Step 6: TA-DA you have a flower now! Just take the flat side of the pin (you can find these at craft stores) and hot glue it to the back of the flower!

Put it on….and be the FLOWER CHILD you were meant to be! PEACE!

Flower Child


  1. i quite like it :)))

  2. I like this its very nice I am making them for christmas pressies!

  3. Alexandra2nd says

    I’m making them as little girly gifts for friends whom I wouldn’t normally get Xmas pressies for. So old/new fashion, love it!

  4. raspberryjell-o says

    groovy. my grandma would love it!

  5. better if uneven number of petals, i.e. 5 or 7

  6. Yay! Simple to make but pretty! I wanted to make a ribbon rose thing for a bag decoration, but I just couldn’t figure it out lol. This’ll do fine!

  7. do you have to stuff the petals? or are they empty??

  8. you should have pic’s for every step

  9. too cute!

  10. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Lovely Project thanks smileygirl

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