Rainbow Bud Tree

Rainbow Bud Tree

This is a decoration that is bright and colorful, adding to the brightening days and colors as we enter Spring.

What you need

Small Tree Branch (make sure it is strong.)
Sand Paper.
Different colored pom poms (small.)
Gravel or Sand.
Vase or Pot.
Craft Glue.


It can either be left as is, or it can be used to hang colorful, bright, or interesting charms onto (such as brightly colored jewelry.) If the weather isn’t bright one day, this decoration is still cheery and bright.

Place your tree branch into the pot or vase and fill with the gravel or sand to keep it weighted into the pot so it does not fall over.

Sand your tree branch with the sandpaper until it is smooth and clean. This gives it a natural yet neat look.

Take your pom poms and glue them onto the branch with the craft glue, varying each color everytime you glue a new one onto the branch. This gives it a bright and colorful look. You can either brush the glue onto the branch and the pom pom to glue it. or you can use a precision nozzle with the craft glue. They both work equally well. When all the pom poms are glued on, wait for the glue to dry. The time it takes to dry will vary between glues.

When dry, place your moss onto top of the gravel in the vase to give it a natural grassy look.

If you wish to, although you can leave it as it is if you wish to, you can hang items such as jewelry or charms onto it.


  1. I’m going to use this with my Grandchildren, they will love it and we can re-vamp an old peanut buter jar,(plastic) so they can give it to their mum.

  2. how is this supposed to be theraputic??

  3. RobynThornhill says

    I’ve got the perfect pot, no shortage of sticks and some wine glass markers which will make perfect blingles. Unfortunately I vacuumed up all our little pom poms when Herself kept spreading them all over the lounge.

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