DIY Halloween Cookie Stencils

DIY Halloween Cookie Stencils

This Halloween project shows you how to make your own DIY cookies with Halloween ghosts, bats and other shapes on them.

What you need

Sugar Cookie Mix, Stencils, Powdered Sugar and Food Coloring


Bake some plain sugar cookies according to the instructions on the package. The reason I say Sugar Cookies is because this works best with a coolie that has a smooth surface for the decoration.

Print stencils from the web but make sure to get them the right cookie size. Cover the front and back of the paper with a clear coating like clear shelf liner before you cut out the image.

In several bowls mix Powdered Sugar with a little water and food coloring. You want a consistency that is a little thinner than peanut butter. If you drip the mixture from a spoon back into the bowl the droplets should sit on the top for a couple of seconds before blending in.

Place the stencils on top of the coolie and use your finger to dab the colors into the opening of the stencil. When done, make sure to lift the stencil straight up so not to smudge the picture.

To get black you will need to mix several colors. For orange try yellow and red.

Don’t scream if have blunders – they’re still edible!

By Penny M. Vedrenne. Check our more of Penny’s projects here.

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