Anti Frizz Honey Hair Mask

Anti Frizz Honey Hair Mask

Hair too frizzy? Try this all natural honey based recipe.

What you need

1/2 cup conditioner
1/4 cup honey
1 tablespoon almond oil


Mix all the ingredients together and apply to hair.

Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing out.

This mix will last for 1 week in the fridge.

If the humid weather is particularly bad use this mix in replace of your conditioner (wash it out like conditioner) on a daily basis until your hair settles down.

Looking for a herbal shampoo? Check out our DIY recipe for making your own natural herbal shampoo with basic supplies. We also have a herbal conditioner recipe too.  Home-made shampoos and conditioners are a great way to strip back to basics and control what herbs you are putting into your hair shampoo and products. Store-bought herbal shampoo contains lots of numbers and ingredients that as the consumer we know very little about.


  1. yeah u just jump in the shower and wash your hair with your with your fave shampoo and and instead of using conditioner, apply the above hair mask to your hair, wrap your hair up, wait 20 mins then get back in the shower and just wash it out with cool/lukewarm water
    hope this helped:)
    specializing in all things beauty,

  2. sounds like a great recipe! i have done a similar recipe without the almond oil as a way to lighten my hair. so be careful, especially for those with light hair, if left on too long it can begin to lighten your hair.

  3. can we substitue almond oil with olive oil?

  4. Made my hair smooth, shiny and not frizzy. 🙂
    5/5 excellent!

  5. where can i get almond oil?can i just replace it with olive oil or something? and should i wash my hair with shampoo or just rinse it with water? thx :]

  6. Sounds great. I hope it’ll help

  7. can i replace the almond oil with olive oil?

  8. How did you find this out???? Get back to me soon

  9. Do you apply this to dry hair?

  10. this looks amazing! im definetly going to try it. but i must ask -like everyone else- do you have to “Wash” it out with your shampoo, or just water? If you could get back to me soon, that would be great. Thanks!

  11. could we just rinse or do we have to shampoo after that? or are both possible? please let me know..thankyou.

  12. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    No the oil is required to settle the hair and nourish it. It should calm your hair for 3-4 days.

  13. it looks ok but do u need the oil and how long will it last on your hair

  14. Sounds great, can’t wait to try. When you say wash it out, do you mean shampoo or just rinse?

  15. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    this is a great idea!!!!!! where can i buy almond oil?loveit love josie

  16. My hair is VERY curly and VERY VERY frizzy this mix tames my frizz and leaves my curls looking great!!!!!!!!!

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