Wax Seal

Wax Seal

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What you need

Piece of dowel
Decorative metal Button
Colored sealing wax (available at Craft supply and Art stores)
Super Glue


Start by finding a nice decorative metal button with a raised design on it.
Make sure your button has the ring at the back and not a button hole.
Get some dowel the same size as the button from your local hardware store and using some pliers or strong scissors remove the metal ring from the back of the button so that the button will lay flat.

Use some super glue or hot glue to adhere the button to the piece of dowel.
Melt some sealing wax using the instructions provided with the wax. Test your wax seal by gently placing it into the melted wax and removing it.

You should have a decorative seal.
Use Christmas buttons for sealing envelopes containing gifts and cards.


  1. Love this idea.The stamps for sealing wax are expensive and hard to find.

  2. I love these! but i use rubber stamps, same concept.

  3. clever idea!

  4. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    omg i made this with candle wax and a ring with a letter on it!!!its a good idea, but i already did this with my bf4eva laurennn..! :]

  5. What a great idea! Sure will save me some money!! LLMCD

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