Teacher’s #1 Candy Pot

Teacher’s #1 Candy Pot

This free craft tutorial shows you how to make a cute teacher's gift for the start of or end of school year. It is a great kids craft project that they can make themselves.

What you need

4 inch plant pot with matching saucer
red paint
1 1/2 wooden bead
6 inch of green felt wool or craft felt
craft glue


This tutorial shows you how to make a Teachers gift using a plant pot and some paint.

Start by painting your pot red. It will need 2-3 coats for best coverage.


Once it is dried, use white or black paint to write #1 or any other saying you like. Once dry, you can spray with a spray sealer if you want to but it is totally optional.

Take your wooden bead and thread the wool felt through the hole. We used a piece of wire to get ours through.


Finish it off by gluing the wooden bead into place.



  1. Is sealer and paint food safe?

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