Survival Kit For Growing Old

Survival Kit For Growing Old

We all worry about it. But you can lessen the blow with this creative gift for a friend who is worried about growing old.

What you need

Materials required below.


Purchase a small gift bag and fill with the items below, along with a label explaining each token.

Bran -To keep you regular.

Whistle -For when you fall down and can’t get up.

Glasses – For when your eyesight goes.

Sugar – For extra energy.

Extra Hair – In case yours drops out.

Tooth Pick -To prop your eyes open so you don’t fall a sleep.

Rubber Band -To give you your flexibility back.

Headache Tablets – For those extra aches and pains.

Fake Teeth – For when yours all fall out.

Matchstick – To put the fire back into your life.

Doll’s Chair – To remind you to sit and take it easy.


  1. i’m going to give this to my best friend for her 14th birthday. I always give her gag gifts and this is perfect! we’ll be laughing about this all summer!

  2. i like this alot…my mom is getting this one for x-mas..haha.. thanks for the great ideas!!

  3. I have prepared a similiar bag for dads with:
    a miniature crossword puzzle-let this be the only cross word you have today,
    a mint sweet- you and I were mint to be,
    worry beads but it will be ok at the end (last bead has letters “OK” printed on it.

  4. I agree … very rude.

  5. I’m planning a 50th birthday party for my DH in September. This is going to be the perfect gag gift.

  6. it’s gonna be funny giving it to a 40 yr old and below, but not to a 50 and above! Can I give it to my teenage friends?

  7. it seems a bit rude to me, I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving it to my grandparents

  8. ha!! hillarious!!

  9. had a great laugh

  10. i love this. i am giving it to my dad for his 42nd bday. hahahahahaha. thanks

  11. Otterkitty says

    this is very funny im sending these off to all my friends!

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