Quick Chenille Snowflakes

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Quick Chenille Snowflakes

What you need

Chenille sticks
Beads with large holes
Metallic thread
Craft glue


This quick Christmas craft is a great project for the kids to make. This Christmas craft is also a great project for group activities and classroom projects.

Cut two chenille sticks in half, leaving one half slightly longer than the other.

Twist the long half around the shorter half creating a + cross.

Make a second + cross and glue them together forming spikes.

Slide a bead onto each spike.

Cut shorter lengths of chenille sticks and bend into small V’s

Glue this v into place about half way down of each spoke. while the glue is still wet slide the bed down to the base of each V to secure.

Glue additional beads to the tip of each spoke and V.

Add a cord to the top and hang.


  1. Very Cute!!

  2. llmcd@tds.net says

    If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t comment at all. Come on people. I think it is nice for others to offer their ideas. YOU can make them look any way you want them to.


  3. good for small children

  4. my kids would love these!

  5. It does say pre-school/kindergarden people. Great for the ankle biters.

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