Plattie The Platypus

This is a simple project for beginners. You can sew your platypus on machine, over locker or by hand. I like to use fleece as it makes the platypus so cute and cuddly, but you can use any scraps of material for the feet and bill.

Plattie The Platypus

What you need

Pink fleece material (38x32cm / 15x13inch)
Purple patterned corduroy material (38x21cm / 15x8inch)
Plastic pellets (about 35g/1 ounce)
5mm black beads for eyes
Strong thread for sewing on eyes
General sewing supplies (thread, pins, needles, scissors, etc)
Craft glue & firm card for templates
Fine tipped permanent marker pen
Toy stuffing


Step 1: Start by printing the pattern and enlarging it 40% (from A4 – A3 on a photocopier)

Plattie the Platypus Pattern

Platypus Pattern Step 1

Step 2: Glue the pattern pages onto card or thick paper and cut out the pattern pieces to make your templates.

Lay the fabric right side down and place your templates onto the wrong side of the fabric following the layout guide. Trace the templates with a permanent marker and cut out your pieces. (Press lightly or the ink will smudge and may even show through your material on the right side.) Cut the BILL and FEET pieces from purple patterned corduroy, and cut the UPPER BODY and UNDERBELLY pieces from pink fleece.

Platypus Pattern Step 2

* Always sew pieces with right sides together and use a 5mm/1/4 inch seam allowance. Sew the FEET pieces together on the sewing line. Cut around the sewing line with a 5mm/1/4 inch seam and turn right sides out. I like to use an old wooden chopstick as my turning tool!

Platypus Pattern Step 3

Step 3: Sew the UPPER BODY pieces together from A to B. I use lots of pins and pin from one side then put pins in between from the other side. This stops the fleece from slipping as you sew.

Platypus Pattern Step 4

Step 4: Sew the dart in the UPPER BILL piece, and then sew this to the UPPER BODY pieces from E to F. Sew the BILL BASE piece to the UNDERBELLY PIECE from C to D.

Platypus Pattern Step 5

Step 5: Place and pin all 4 feet in position (Toes facing towards the middle!). Pin and sew the UPPER BODY pieces to the UNDERBELLY piece. Sew ALL the way around, leaving no gap.

Platypus Pattern Step 6

Step 6: Now, for the clever bit! Cut a slit in the UNDER BELLY piece as indicated by the pattern markings and turn Plattie right sides out through the slit you’ve cut.

Platypus Pattern Step 7

Step 7: Sew a seam around the edge of the bill using a 5mm seam allowance to create the duck-bill-look

Platypus Pattern Step 8

Step 8: Fill the bill and head area quite firmly with toy stuffing. Fill the rest of the body with toy stuffing. Place some plastic craft pellets in the body cavity, or use some rice or beans if you like! Don’t overfill it as it needs to flop like a beanbag. Looking at the photo as a guide, mark the eye positions with a permanent marker pen and sew two 4mm beads in place.

Platypus Pattern Step 9

Step 9: Use a ladder stitch to close the opening on the underbelly. If the toy is for a young child, use a thick embroidery thread and sew a French knot for each eye.

Your Platypus is ready to love!

This project was contributed by Pauline McArthur of

The Funky Friends patterns, concepts and logo are protected by copyright protection: Copyright (C) 2001 Funky Friends Factory. (C)(R) 070630 Copyright Protection Services International.


  1. I have just made the platypus and it looks great in tones of green, but I do agree that it would be better to make the opening in the tail as the slit in the stomach can look like a scar!
    And, as this is for a small child I added plastic bubble wrap and fibre filling instead of beads or beans.
    It makes a crinkly sound which can entertain well enough.

  2. question… when you go to sew the upper body piece to under body piece you place right sides together.. but they are not the same size!? how do you sew this part?

    • Match up the feet, bill, and tail, and pin those, and take the parts in between and ease the edges together and pin those. If the top and bottom were the same size, the platypus would be flattened and weird, but with the pieces being different, he has dimension! Go ahead and try sewing it; it’s not hard ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww sooooooooo cute.

  4. I was actualy looking for a sock platapus but this is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ithink i am going to make one for my bff’s little sis! P.S. if i spelled things incorectly it is because i am 10 and dont know how to spell the word


  5. Soooo cute going to make this for my grand baby due in March!!! Thank you for such cute projects!

  6. cool

  7. Very cute. I am a true beginner (don’t even have a machine!) and after messing up the first one, I read through and made some modifications/short cuts. I just cut two underbelly’s – didn’t understand why to have two pieces on the top of the body. I also just didn’t sew up tail instead of cutting a slit on the bottom. Stuffed it through the tail and sewed that up.

    I also have no idea what a dart is, or how to sew it, and the bill looks good. Maybe having two pieces on top sewed together adds character? Not sure. They are adorable. Please don’t take my criticism personally – this is an awesome project and I appreciate you posting this!!!

  8. OMG i love it two of my fav things sewing and playtpus (phineas and ferb) lol Anyways amazing!

  9. This is too cute!

  10. So cute! I plan to make this once I buy more
    fabric! I love Plattie!

  11. Is that hand sewing? I love this It is so cute. I will try to make one did very name is brynn.

  12. ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. O.M.G. The cewtness is overwhelming!!!!! I will be making one of these for my little one!! (And maybe an extra one for me to hide in the closet for the days when I need something cute to make me feel better.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. O.M.G. The cewtness is overwhelming!!!!! I will be making one of these for my little one!! (And maybe an extra one for me to hide in the closet for the days when I need something cute to make me feel better.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  16. soo cute and really easy

  17. I just made one of these using light and dark brown felt and hes lovely!!

    I also shared the link on my blog: sequins-and-glitter


  18. I am planning on making six one for each of my friends. Wish me luck!

  19. mine is so cute it doesn’t look much like the picture it looks better

  20. wow it looks fantastic my platypus is black and white you can have diffent colours and its still a platypus
    heres some name idears

    from Libby
    p.s. i made it three times as presents
    and two for me!!!!!!!

  21. super cute can’t wait to make it so exciting it is the most adorable thing ever. And the platypus is one of my fave animal!

  22. 5 stars all the way! i love this idea. but, i also saw that this company has different plushies too. like lamkins can you pease show us lamekins he is adorable!!

  23. I whipped this up in less than an hour last night as a gift for my friend’s first baby (I made it out of terry cloth with black wool for the eyes) and it looks great! Thanks!

  24. AWWE~
    This has got to be one of the CUTEST and incredibly most unique paterns I’ve ever seen. Omg, can’t wait to start on it! Whooot! Good Job! Keep It Coming!

  25. Wow! This seems like an incredible pattern. I am thirteen, and I ADORE making little plush animals. This is by far the cutsest I have ever seen! And hand-made too! I am starting on making it right now!

  26. this is the best stuffed animal i have ever seen. i am like osessed with platypuses i have so many of them!

  27. What a cute little Aussie friend:)

  28. cute and easy to make, i printed to fit A4 size paper and it was a perfect size for my friends son’s first birthday present. now i have to make 2 more. i used cammo print polar fleece for the top and bright orange belly and a black polar fleece bill and lightly stuffed the feet. could not see stitching in tummy and was much easyer than trying to stitch up the side. love it

  29. i am 12 and i made this and its so AWESOME

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  31. i made this, its so cute!


  33. realy easy pattern- my 12 year old daughter made one

  34. this is hte cutest little Plattie!
    I made several in different materials for a school lottoevenning for the kids and they are indeed a succes! TY

  35. stunning i will make them in different sizes and make a platypus family

  36. Can we make it out of different fabric?

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  38. I didnt hav any purplish pink stuff so instead i used blue and green ๐Ÿ˜›
    Its like a boy version

  39. adorable. soo cute. anyone else have amazing patterns like this one? please post them(:

  40. It would be AWESOME if you guys made a wolf one… I am a big wolf fan, and have been planning to make a sock wolf, but I can’t seem to find a good pattern— or ANY pattern, and as you could imagine, it is EXTREMELY frustrating… This is cute!!


  42. thats assome

  43. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!! i sewed plattie and i used all pink fabric! she looks amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. me and my friend made 2 plattie’s and now we are OBSESSED with making her a mansoin (cardboard box) with all the trimmings!

  45. This was super easy and super fun to make!!

  46. that is adorable !!!
    what does it mean when it says ‘sew the dart’

    please help b/c i would love to make a plattie!
    also do you need to print out the pattern cut out the pieces and then resize?
    thnx :)))

  47. this is adorable!! i am going to try to mmake this for my friend claire! she loves this!!

  48. so cute. im going to do this… now.

  49. I don’t understand why you would need to cut a slit in the underside in order to fill, why not just leave a gap in one seam and fill it through that? Sewing a part of the seam after filling will be much tidier and less obvious than a big laddder stitch down the belly.

    It’s a nice idea for a child though.

  50. Plattie is ADORABLE!!!! I can’t wait to make him!

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  55. I love platypeople!

  56. cute! I think i might try it with stuffing

  57. I love Platypi! I haven’t made it yet, but I bet it will look great with my collection. LOL! I am gonna go do it right now!

  58. I made one using my own pattern after seeing this and I took it to school to show my friends and now one of my friends has made one two and they are getting married tommorow!

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  60. Platypus_Inc. says

    Plattie is soo cute…
    Who wouldn’t love him? ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Thats so cool

  62. Plattie turned out sooooo cute! The instructions were easy to follow and the end result was great!

  63. I found that you can put a small strip of velcro on the platypus’s back, then make a smaller one and stick him on the big one. C:

  64. A really cute, and great for beginners!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Go aussie go

  66. Might just be the best pattern ever! I wish the sight would have more like this! I didn’t follow all the directions, and it still came out wonderful! Funky Friends Factory should post more like this one!

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  68. This is super adorable…but I just have one quick question. Do the feet get stuffed? No, right?

  69. so cute maybe i can make it from all of my scraps my dauter will love this so much

  70. raspberryjell-o says

    hey- raspberryjell-o here- i like this project but i already have a another stuffed platypus, i love it, i’ve had it since i was 5. But i like this one, too. maybe i could make this ” Plattie” and they could be friends or sisters or something!


  72. Here my remarks: Cutting the upper body is not necassary, left a hole in the tail during sewing the body together. You can also fill the platynus with Wadding – it is squashier after that. (from a German Girl who sewed not the first animal)

  73. Great, that you provide the pattern here. I sewed it yesterday and it is really cute. I have some additional remarks to the instruction. They follow in the next comment. Greetings from Germand

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  78. this is so cute! i made a smaller one because i didn’t have a copy machine, so i printed the pattern to fit standard paper. it works fine if you make it with felt!

  79. PS to 3003: Make a PJ bag by sewing zipper into belly and skip the stuffing…

  80. So darling and perfect for charity projects in all sizes! Thanks!

  81. When I first saw it [from far away] it was…eh…iffy. Put in a close eup picture, its SO cute!

  82. I made one as I saw it! Wonderful pattern, and easy-to-follow instructions!

  83. i think it is so cute!!!!

  84. Looks hard to make, but its so cute!

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