Mango Scrub

This beauty recipe shows you how to make your own mango body scrub. This scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Mango Scrub

What you need

1 Mango
1 cup Sugar
1TS Salt
1TBS Honey
1 TBS Sweet Almond Oil
1 TBS Shea Butter


Blend all ingredients in a blender till a nice thick paste.

Apply all over your body in the shower or bathtub, scrubbing deeply into rough areas.

Rinse out with warm water.


  1. does it work? is it good???????

  2. does the scrub last a while before it goes bad?

  3. Sounds Good!!!

  4. Where do you buy shea butter and almond oil? Thanks!

  5. Nice Scrub
    I’m making it my mom and I hope she likes it.

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