How To Make Your Own Honey Teddy Bear

How To Make Your Own Honey Teddy Bear

For this project we used 2 small teddy bears and a round wooden egg holder for the honey pot.

What you need

Hot melt glue chips or sticks
Teddy Bear
Double boiler


Honey bears come in all different sizes. Some are placed on platforms and others are just left as they are sitting.

Use hot glue gun sticks in a natural yellow color or if you can purchase the actual chips (which can be found at good craft stores). If you are lucky enough to know someone who works at a packaging factory they might be able to get you some too.

Use a double boiler to melt the glue down. You can also use an old food tin can to avoid making too much mess.

Melt the glue down on a slow heat and then using a stick, or spoon, drizzle it over the bears mouth and hands.

Be careful as the glue is still HOT enough to burn your skin.

Allow it to cool and glue onto a coaster for stability or leave it as is.

You can have your bears sitting, standing or even smaller bears submerged in a pot of honey.

These make fantastic gifts!


  1. isn’t that just a little tackey?

  2. MissFrederick says

    That is so cute. What a sweet idea.


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  5. very cute

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