Christmas Stars

Christmas Stars

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What you need

Paper glue


Cut pieces of coloured card into star shapes.

Give to child along with glue and various colourful bits and pieces, i.e. tinsel and confetti.

Cover the surface with glue and add the decorations.
Use bluetack to stick on wall or door.

This project was submitted by member: tcanobie

You could also use these to stick onto present as gift tags


  1. This is great for kids to do!To all teachers this is something that wont make your students bored ,it wouldent make me bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. At least you showed soething nice… Keep it up!

  3. it is really good for gift tags!

  4. really boring

  5. wow so cute!! I like it..

  6. too vague, too boring

  7. Why dont u make it and send a picture in to help them out?

  8. i know what it would look like, but a picture would be great! =]

  9. ok for children

  10. Nice, simple project for a child to make.

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