Scented Pinecone Wreath

This is a lovely gift, decoration and serves to spread the smell of Christmas through the space it adorns.

Scented Pinecone Wreath

What you need

Ground ginger
Ground cloves
Dried pineapple
Sage leaves
Ground cinnamon
Pine or Orange Essential oil
Craft Glue
Willow wreath


In a bowl combine 1 part each ground ginger, ground cloves, ground dried pineapple sage leaves, and ground cinnamon. Add a drop or two of pine essential oil or orange essential oil (or any essential oil whose fragrance reminds you of Christmas).

Set aside to dry.

Rub mixture through fingers when dry to get rid of any lumps that might remain.

Add glitter if desired. Ensure the glitter is mixed well with the spices.

Mix 1 part craft glue with 1 part water. Use a foam brush to paint a selection of various sized pine cones with this mixture. Roll the sticky pine cones through the spice mixture so that they’re evenly covered with no lumps.

Set aside on plastic or foil covered sheet until dry.

Arrange another selection of pine cones and some dried flowers / leaves in varying sizes in a well-ventilated, dry outdoor position. Spray paint using the colours according to the colour scheme you wish to employ over the Christmas period.

Allow to dry.

If desired, paint with more of the watered glue mixture and lightly sprinkle with glitter, and set aside to dry.

Set a willow wreath on your surface and, when the pine cones and flowers / leaves have dried, arrange them temporarily in a ring next to the wreath in roughly the same size. When you’re happy with the way they look, use a hot glue gun to attach the pine cones and dried flowers / leaves to the willow wreath in the desired position.

Leave a space at either the top or the bottom of the wreath to glue a large bow. You may also like to glue a loop of ribbon at the back of the wreath for easy of hanging.

This wreath is fairly flexible. You could put the dry spray painted dried leaves and flowers in a container with some orris root and some spices and essential oils for a few weeks before putting them on the wreath.

The delicate silvery remnants of honesty seed pods look very special on silver / white or gold / white themed wreaths, mass glued interspersed with gold / silver pine cones and fragrant pine cones, and ribbons.

I also like to wrap a ribbon that corresponds with the bow around the wreath and gluing in place before arranging the other decorative pieces over the top.

This project was contributed by jpuchala.


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