Worry Stones

These worry stones make lovely little gifts for loved ones who can rub them to reduce stress or tension.

Worry Stones

What you need

Poly clay or clay
Changeable Stamp


The stones can be printed with words such as


If you are using poly clay roll it out to form a small round shape and then using the stamp press the word into the clay and bake it as per the directions on your clay packet.

If you are using normal air drying clay follow the same directions as above except allow it to dry in the sun for a few days before painting it with some acrylic paint.

Once both versions are hard and dry, coat them with some clear varnish for a polished look.

You can also use these stones for Zen gardens or place a few of these into your glass vase for a interesting look to your flowers.


  1. sherrylynn says:

    Poly Clay can be bought at Michaels Craft Store so can bottles of Varnish. They
    have everything you need for this project. Everything comes with info / instructions.

  2. sherrylynn says:

    Great idea. I know just how to use them too. If you want to save some money, go to a thrift store & buy a round basket, brown maybe. You might have to spray paint it. Don’t get a big one though. Then put into your weaved basket, fill it up with flat loose light tan straw like filler type paper at Michaels. Then place your Worry Stones in basket. It will look charming on an end table or coffee table.

  3. Where can I find stamps small enough for worry stones?

  4. I made mine into necklaces 🙂 for my hippie party 😛 worked a charm man

  5. k im all about this project, but why is it filed under bead crafts?! like wtf!!!!

  6. It Is Freak’in Awesome!!!!

  7. awesome DUDE!!!!=3 =D =0 =)

  8. going to try it

  9. i wish you had more picture instructions

  10. I like it but how do you make varnish if u dont have time to buy it?

  11. I like it but how do you make varnish if u dont have time to buy it?

  12. bubbabrae says:

    i like it

  13. blueknitter4u says:

    very nice

  14. blueknitter4u says:

    very nice

  15. i really like this one. i want to do this for one of my friend and family

  16. These are very pretty. Although, it would also be pretty if you used clay to make it look like a gemstone or colored rock.

  17. Crazy4Chocolate says:

    These are beautiful and simple to make and I love them.

  18. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says:

    Poly clay and fimo clay can be bought in craft supply stores. It is a clay that is baked and hardend

  19. I feel a little dumb asking this but what is poly clay? I am new at working with clay and I don’t know a lot about all of the other kind’s of clay. I really want to make this for my Grandma beacuse she worrys to much.

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