Wedding Card Box

Wedding Card Box

What you need

3 Hat boxes in tapered sizes
Crepe paper
plastic roses
exacto knife


This wedding craft project shows you how to make a collection box for those wedding cards.

Take your 3 hat boxes and cut the bases and lids out from each box, allowing a 1 inch edge so you have something to glue it to the next box with.

Obviously the top box lid only needs a small slit in it for the envelopes to go in. The bottom box doesn’t need its base removing either or all your cards will fall out.

Glue the 3 boxes together to form the cake.

Decorate the boxes with crepe paper icing and plastic roses.

Alternatively you may be able to pick up a wedding cake pinata which you can adapt by placing a hole in the top and sealing the bottom.

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  1. AuntieBetty says:

    To make this so it can be stored for future use, do not glue the layers together. Instead, punch 4 evenly spaced sets of holes (like on buttons) in the 1-inch edge (step 3). Then tie the layers together with twine or use twist ties. When the event is over, untie the sections and nest the layers (if the attached embellishments allow). Use decorative brads to secure the tops.

  2. when i have a wedding i’d
    rather have a real cake

  3. I need more info and pictures, as I am craft dyslexic.

  4. This is wonderful, My sister made mine for my wedding and it turned out perfect!!!!!!!!!
    Great project idea

  5. very pretty. I’m thinking of trying one that is square

  6. Craft Freak says:

    This is a cool unexpensive project I like it!

  7. Great idea and so much less expensive than buying one from a Bride’s site!

  8. A great idea, but rather an awkward size to store. Maybe a one-layer square version would be better (although not as eye-catching!).

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