Wax Sculpture

Using ceramic tiles and candles, you can make your own wax sculpture!

Wax Sculpture

What you need

4"x8" ceramic tiles
9" candle
Coloured paraffin wax
Greeting card cuttings
Card paper
Satin ribbon
Vessel for heating wax


First dip the candle in hot coloured wax. Dip it 4 to 5 times till you get the desired colour.

Here I have used orange colour.

Let the wax cool then churn it till you get frost. Use the spoon and pour the frost around the candle at the top, leaving wick for burning.

First I have used orange frost then let it cool and over it poured white frost with little dripping effect on one side. Let it cool.

Stick satin ribbon to the edges of tile.

With the help of hot wax stick the frosted candle to one corner of tile.

All around the candle and on the tile pour white frost.

Paste greeting card cuttings to the card paper to give stiffness, and pierce them on the wax. Sprinkle sparkles over the frost.

Let it cool.


  1. Yes it is.

  2. verrry creative!

  3. I really like it but I would make a difffernt designe not teddybears….

  4. It’s cool, but what’s the gum for?


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