Uplifting Ironing Water

This scented water will not only uplift you while you are ironing but leave your clothes smelling wonderful too.

Uplifting Ironing Water

What you need

300ml (10fl oz)of purified water
25ml (1 fl oz) of Vodka 90% proof
15 drops of Orange Oil
Glass storage jars
Spray bottle


Add the oil to the vodka and allow to stand for 24 hours.

Add the water to the oil and mix together and store in a airtight jar.

When ready to use pour some into the spray bottle, give it a little shake and begin ironing.

This is a great oil to use on school clothes as oranges clear the brain ready for learning.


  1. Be careful of using orange essential oil. I blended it with lavender and set it aside to meld overnight in a plastic jar and found it had eaten a hole right through the jar by the next morning. It also has a yellow color so I avoid it for ironing. Diluted with water and a little white vinegar (instead of vodka) it makes a great room deodorizer.

  2. How much water?

  3. I agree with drinking the vodka. I skip ironing dress shirts by taking them out of the dryer early and hanging them up to dry. Works!

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