Tree Ornament – Walnut Strawberry

Get your kids to create this strawberry shaped walnut that is perfect as a Christmas tree ornament.

Tree Ornament – Walnut Strawberry

What you need

Large whole walnuts in the shell
Green felt
4 inches thin gold cord or ribbon
Red and black acrylic paint
Glue gun
Magnet (optional)
Small seed beads (optional)


Have your child paint a walnut red.

When the paint is dry, use a very fine brush to paint tiny black dots all over the walnut.

Cut a 1 1/2-inch square of green felt.

Then cut a 4-pointed star from the felt. Poke a small hole in the center of the star. Glue the ends of the cord or ribbon onto one end of the walnut shell to make a hanging loop.

Slip the felt star over the loop and glue it onto the walnut. Voila – a strawberry!


Omit the cord or ribbon and glue a small magnet onto one side of the walnut.

Use small white/light colored seed beads for the strawberry seeds instead of black paint.


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