Xmas Tree Ornament Idea: Traditional Cone

This free Christmas craft project shows you how to create a hanging tree ornament for decoration. You can fill the cone with sweets or handmade candy.

Xmas Tree Ornament Idea: Traditional Cone

What you need

8 x 8 x 10" Triangle
Card stock
Ribbon or Cord


You will need a triangle that measure 8 x 8 x 10″ or you can just create your own cone by drawing a circle and cutting it into quarters (this will give you 4, 1 quarter for each cone).

Using scissors round off the top of your triangle for a nice rounded cone finish.

Glue your triangle into a cone and allow to dry.

Once dry you can decorate your cone using ribbons, cords, embellishments and stickers. Don’t forget to attach a ribbon or cord and the top for hanging it with.

The silver cone in the picture has been made by wrapping and gluing a long length of silver ribbon up the cone.

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