Tree Ornament – Marshmallow Sequin Ball

Make your trees come alive with this marshmallow based decoration idea.

Tree Ornament – Marshmallow Sequin Ball

What you need

Polystyrene ball
Gold sequins
Gold headed pin


Start by threading the sequins onto the pin then inserting the marshmallow onto the pin and then pushing the needle into the poly ball.

Keep doing this until the whole ball is covered in marshmallows, pins and sequins. When you are finished glue on a loop of ribbon for hanging.

You can add this to the tree as is if but if you are worried about ants, spray the ball with spray varnish to coat the marshmallows with a protective layer.


  1. Ferrah Graham says:

    My dog ate it. Not a fun way to spend Christmas never mind the vet bills.

  2. Do NOT make this craft. My dog ate one this week and narrowly escaped a horrendous fate. She was closely monitored by our vet until she passed all 30 pins. My son made it several years ago before we even had a pet. Your pet might not be so lucky.

  3. This project is dangerous for pets. i saw several dogs last christmas that ate them off the trees. All of them needed surgery to remove hundreds of pins from thier stomachs. It really is not an appropriate project if there are pets at home.

  4. Would like to see a picture? What size of marshmallows?

  5. I love it.

  6. there’s no picture.

  7. How come the materials don’t list marshmallows? Are we talking full size or mini????

  8. No picture????

  9. great for scout groups

  10. store in zip lock baggie, pearl head pins & multi color sequins also work-kids love these!

  11. This came out fantastic..

  12. lasts many years

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