Marshmallow Candle Holder Tree Ornament

While really pretty, be careful with this one - and never leave a lit candle unattended!

Marshmallow Candle Holder Tree Ornament

What you need

2 Lifesaver Candies
1 Marshmallow
1 Very Small Candle
Ribbon or Yarn


Use a bit of ribbon or yarn to encircle the marshmallow and attach a lifesaver candy to the side of the marshmallow (to look like the handle of a candle holder).

Glue a lifesaver candy to the top of the marshmallow.

Insert a small candle into this lifesaver.

Whilst we are grateful for this submission we suggest that this candle holder be made with care: And Remember Do not leave a candle unattended at any time!

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  1. It’s so great

  2. df

  3. like idea but remember that if you should store it you’ll have to store in metal container or it will atract mice etc.

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