Toilet Roll Christmas Tree

This kids Christmas craft project shows you how to make a simple tree decoration. This project is great for teacher crafts and group activities.

Toilet Roll Christmas Tree

What you need

Paper Towel tube
Green spray paint
Toilet paper rolls (about 5 to 6)
Glitter (irredescent, or whatever you choose)
Hot glue gun
Elmers glue


Clear out a big area with newspaper.

Flatten out about 5 or 6 toilet paper rolls.

At 1″ intervals, cut strips on the toilet rolls until you get several strips.

Put the paper towel tube on the newspaper. Put all the strips on the paper also.

Spray the paper towel tube and the strips with the green spray paint.

Wait until all are dry.

With the hot glue gun start at the top of the paper towel tube, make a row with the strips till they go around the top.

The next row will go underneath the top about one half way down from the previous strip.

The next row will the same fashion, etc. etc until you reach the bottom.

With the Elmer’s glue or tacky glue, put glue on the branches on the tree and top gently sprinkle iridescent glitter or whatever glitter you want.

All done!

This project was contributed by Michelle Moons.


  1. I think this is a great KID project. It states that it is a child project, not an adult project. It’s not about how pretty you think it is, it’s about how pretty and how much fun it was to make for a child. I loved getting these kinds of gifts from my grandchildren. Great child project!

  2. toilet paper christmas tree, p.2:
    If the profile fits well, you can trace more (6-8x) on the cardboard and cut them out. If it doesn’t, try to adjust your pattern until you get it right. When the tree profiles (branches) are ready, paint the “trunk” brown or green, and each of the other pieces – green. When the peices are dry, you can slip all of them together to make pretty trees that stand by themselves. The children decorated them with stars and cotton “snow”. The trees were beautiful!

  3. I once made toilet roll christmas trees with some young students, but totally different, and a lot prettier. I don’t have a pic, but I will try to describe:

  4. Sorry….it is UGLY.

  5. This does not even slightly resemble a Christmas Tree.

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