Teddy Pants

Easily make a set of knitted pants that fit most teddy bears

Teddy Pants

What you need

8ply or double worsted yarn
4mm needles (3.5mm)
Size = 4.5inch (12cm)in body length.
3 inch *8.5cm)shoulder width.


These pants fits most 10 inch bears including several patterns on our site: Easter Bunny and Cobbles the bear.

Knitted Teddy Pants

(make 2)
Cast on 24 sts
Knit 2 rows
st-st 12 rows
k4 rows
cast off.

Straps (make 2)
cast on 2 sts
st-st 28 rows.
cast off.

Sew up seams and join on straps.

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  1. How do you shape at the “intimate” area ? can’t see any decreasing, also are there buttonholes or are they “mock” buttonholes? Please advise……..Thanks, Anna

  2. do these pants fit the mr bean style teddy because i dont want to make these and then i will find out they dont fit it please answer thanks :)

  3. Very sweet!!!

  4. Very sweet!!!

  5. these are so cute i think i will knit these for my 6 month old chihuahua nugget and hopefully my 13 week old chihuahua will grow into a pair bet they will love them xxx

  6. kinda tacky……. but adorable…… so enuff said!

  7. Have you got a patterns for a 12″ bear??

  8. These are so so cute! I want to make them right now!

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