Survival Kit For Grandparents

Know someone who is about to be a grandparent? Make this funny gift for them.

Survival Kit For Grandparents

What you need

Materials required below.


Purchase a small gift bag and fill with the items below, along with a label explaining each token.

Safety pin – To remind you to keep safe.

Lifesavers – Because grandparents can be “lifesavers”.

Marble – For the ones your about to loose.

Pencil – To write down your memories to share with the grandkids

Tissue – For cleaning up little messes

Candle – To remind you that you are the light in your grand kids eyes.

Mint – Always remember you are worth a mint.

Sugar Cube – For that extra burst of energy.

Sandpaper – For when the grand kids get a little rough.

Peg – A must for changing nappies.

Nappy Bag – This will always come in handy.

Headache Tablet – You’re going to need it.

Extra money – Spoiling kids can be expensive.

Sunglasses – For discreet nanny naps.

Extra eyes – You will need eyes in the back of your head.

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  1. cute!

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