Stone Pillar Candle

This project will show you how to turn a plain pillar candle into a stone ornament piece.

Stone Pillar Candle

What you need

2 cups of plaster paris
Plain pillar candle
disposable bowls
1/2 cup of white sand


Start by mixing up the plaster of paris to a thick consistaincy, you need to be able to paste it onto the candle so a runny mix will not do. If it’s too late and you have added too much water add some more sand and allow it to sit till it thickens before using.

Once its thick enough to stick to a spatula stir in the sand and then all you do is paste it onto the candle.

you can be as neat or as chunky as you like depending on the finish you want.

It’s a little messy but a great project.

Once it is covered allow it to dry for 24 hours.

As with all candles supervise whilst burning.

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