St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Kids will beg for St. Patrick's Day to come again and again with this fun scavenger hunt. Gather up the materials and go!

St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

What you need

--4 hearts of green craft foam for each 3 clovers (small hole punched in bottom of leaves): LOVE, HOPE & FAITH and LUCK clovers
--Long rectangular piece of green craft foam for clover stem (small hole punched on top)
--Heart, Flower & Shamrock stickers

--Print out on card stock
--Arrow from card stock



— Use red hearts (craft sticker foam, paper, etc.) to lead way to LOVE clover. Hide materials (4 hearts, stem, brad, heart sticker).  Use brad to attach pieces together to make clover.  Place heart sticker over brad.

— Use flowers (craft sticker foam, paper, etc.) to lead way to HOPE & FAITH clover.  Place flower sticker over brad after clover assembled.

— Use shamrocks (craft sticker foam, paper, etc.) to lead way to LUCK clover.  Place shamrock sticker over brad after clover assembled.


Have children take turns spinning the arrow and following the directions on the dial , until all 3 clovers are created.

You can add in a pot of gold (gold chocolate coins) as a prize!


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