Spider Votive

Make an easy votive that can be decorated with a spider for Halloween!

Spider Votive

What you need

1 clear votive holder,
1 orange votive candle,
black shiny dimensional paint and white craft paint or dimensional paint.


On one side of the votive holder, starting at the top rim and using black paint, paint a squiggly verticle line about 3/4″ long.

At the bottom of this line paint a spider body about 1/2″ in diameter.

On each side of body draw 4 legs sticking out, then down,so it looks like a spider dangling from his web.

Once the black paint is thoroughly dry, paint on two tiny white dots on body for eyes.

Place candle in holder and you have a cute simple Halloween decoration.


  1. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says:

    A votive is a small tea light candle

  2. chinchilla_chilieboy says:

    what the heck is a votive?!

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