Soy Strawberry Cheesecake Candle

Small 4 oz tins make wonderful travel candles for gift giving. It never hurts to have a candle in your glove compartment at this time of year.

Soy Strawberry Cheesecake Candle

What you need

12 x 4 oz tins
12 HTP1"-2" wick
60 ml vanilla
10 ml of strawberry and blueberry
5 ivory, red, and blue dye chips
3 lbs of millenium soy wax


Using our NEW 1″-2″ soy wicking (HTP 72, primed with High melt soy wax) and a dab of hot glue, center your wick in the 4 oz tins. Melt 1 lb of Millenium Container Soy Wax to 160F, add 1 chip of ivory dye and 20 ml of vanilla and pour into five tins to within 1/4″ of the top. Let this set until the surface starts to skim over.

Trim the wick to 1/4″ to make it easier to do the next step.

Add a 1/4 chip of red to the remaining wax and 10 ml of strawberry fragrance. Pour carefully on the vanilla surface and swirl gently with a skewer. Let the candle set.
Soy does not neet to be retopped. It is a “one-pour” wax.

This can also be done in lemon, blueberry or chocolate. Immediately after a soy candle is extinguished, the melt pool can be applied to your hands and makes a wonderful moisturizer!

This project was contributed by Village Craft & Candle. Visit there store for online Soap and Candle Making Supplies.


  1. where do i get the supplies to make these?

  2. How did the finished project look?

  3. raspberryjell-o says:

    these would be great for a candle-making club for beginners.

  4. I loved these. They turned out wonderful and so easy to make

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