Soap Confetti

This is simple, yet effective project. Great for kids, and also for very dirty workshop hands which means the end to dirty black soap that needs washing before you use it.

Soap Confetti

What you need

Fine Soap Flakes
Food Coloring


Add the soap flakes into a bowl and add 2-3 drops of food coloring into the bowl.

Using a fork stir in the food coloring until all the soap flakes are tinted.

Then spread out flat on a plate or board and allow it to dry off (the coloring leaves it moist).

Add to a jar along with a spoon for a great gift. Make layers of different colors for a fun finish.


  1. Make this and added a few drops of fragrance oil – Yellow and lemon, Green and Peppermint, etc and was the perfect gift.

  2. can anyone tell me where the best place to buy soap flakes from please

  3. sounds fun but is it?

  4. I made it and gave it to my friend in a handcrafted gift basket. She loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. so cute im making a handcrafted bath giftbasket and this is so going in it

  6. its awsome as a present for a freind to go along with some makeup or something

  7. cute idea for gift giving!

  8. cute cute cute… im going to make a gift basket of crafted bath items and this is going to go in it!!!

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