Snowman Poop (With Poem)

This snowman poop, with poem, is a great gag Christmas craft for holiday time. You can use large or mini marshmallows to represent the poop.

Snowman Poop (With Poem)

What you need

Mini marshmallows


You can place the snowman poop into simple plastic bags or into organza gift bags and attach a tag.

Snowman Poop Poem

Hear you’ve been naughty,
So listen, here’s the scoop,
I’m running short on coal this year,
so you get “Snowman Poop”

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  1. sherisunshine says:

    If I didn’t care
    I wouldn’t share
    So to prove I do
    Here’s the poo…
    It’s fresh from snowmen
    Built in my own backyard
    Harvesting it wasn’t too hard
    The threat of a blow dryer
    Instilled the fear
    They supplied the poop
    Before I even got near
    I scooped it up
    To give you each a bit
    A little something to prove
    That I give a shit

  2. Daughter did this for her niece & nephew but used tic tacks & put them in a little card with poem on it

  3. Here is a longer poem: Santa checked his list, even checked it twice, and he has seen that you have not been very nice. Since coal is so expensive, here is the scoop: Santa is filling your stocking with snowman poop!

  4. LOL I love this idea. My son’s Bday is the 24th of Dec. This year, believe it or not, wants a Christmas themed party. What a great treat to put on the table, little bags of Snowman poop. THANKS!

  5. Little simple, just saying that it could probably use something like a chocolate coating.

  6. I hear that you’ve been naughty
    So listen here’s the scoop
    Coal’s no good for the environment
    So you get poop

  7. cool

  8. Perfect… What a good joke, Im sure will get my family laughing this year. Cant wait to see their faces :-D

  9. gross

  10. I’ve make it for my family and they love it!!!

  11. funny as!!!!

  12. weird but cool

  13. Looks pretty cute! I so wanna do it now!!!

  14. i was planning on doing this for all of my friends and they love them sooo much!You can also do reindeer Turds and santas belt with chocolate sprinkles and licoriche!!! They are sure to be loved by all of the family members!! i use them every year!!:)

  15. funny!!!! I love it!!!

  16. cool this great

  17. hahaha funny, cute, simple! love it!

  18. I LOVE all this snowman, reindeer, and elf poop! It’s soooo cute!!!

  19. I am doing this but I am using yogurt raisins

  20. I thought that was hilarious.

  21. We did this for the school fayre last year – if you shake the marshmallows in a plastic bag with some edible glitter it really does look like snow !!

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