Knitted Slippers – Mary Jane Anklets

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit adult sized Mary Jane anklet slippers.

Knitted Slippers – Mary Jane Anklets

What you need

size 7 needles (4.5mm)
Double, Worsted Weight yarn (8ply)
1 ball color A
1 ball color B



*Cast on 10 sts

P1 row
Knit twice into first st and last st.
P1 row
Change color
Repeat these 3 rows.(*end)

Continue in st-st until work measures 10 inches.
On the next knit row, k1,k2 tog to the end.
P1 row.
K2 tog to the end. Cast off.

(Slipper Top make 2)
Cast on 12 sts.
Work as for top as far as *.
Continue in st-st until work measure 4 inches from beginning. Now you split the top into two. K8 cast off. knit 4, k8.

Continue on the last 8 stitches in st-st and keeping the stripes correct, until work measures 8 inches from beginning.

On a purl row, re-join the yarn to remaining 8 sts and st-st until work measure 8 inches from beginning.

(on a knit row) knit the 8 stitches, cast on 4, knit the remaining 8 sts.

st-st 8 rows.
P1 row
K1, k2 tog to the end.
P1 row
k2 tog to the end.

Cast off.

Cast on 6sts
Continue in stocking st until work measures 5″ from the begining.
Button hole.
K2, yfwd,k2 tog, k2
Work 3 rows in st-st
K2 tog, 3 times 3sts
p3 tog fasten off.

Make up

Sew the upper section to the sole, using back stitch. Sew the cast on edge of the strap, 5 cm or 2 inch from the front opening.

Sew a button on the opposite edge of opening to line up with button in the strap.

All done!

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  1. Mary Ann Andersen says:

    After reading the comments I’m not even going to waste my time. Too bad…they look cute.

  2. I wish I had looked at everyone’s comments on here BEFORE trying to atttempt this pattern- it has been a NIGHTMARE for me the past few days trying to complete it. I have finished ONE slipper (minus the top strap) only by REWRITING the pattern and praying. Why didn’t the author of this pattern actually TEST it BEFORE posting it?! HORRIBLE!

  3. Instructions are too confusing!

  4. I think maybe they mean K4, CO 8, K4??? Very confusing pattern… Its a shame, its exactly the type of slipper I was looking for… anyone have some good links to something like this?

  5. These instructions are not very clear at all. . . . .. . . .it’s very confusing. . . . .. .

  6. I found these really tricky too – what a shame!
    If anyone has an accurate set of instructions I’d really like to see them

  7. Can someone please help me….I am relatively new to knitting and am confused by “Now you split the top into two. K8 cast off. knit 4, k8.” Do I knit 8, then cast off one? then I’m only left with 9 so cannot knit 4, then knit 8…… really confused about this part and cannot find anything on the web to explain…..

  8. the slippers look really cool , but the time it says is not true it says it takes less than 30 mins it takes you about an hour to make the sole

  9. The slippers are adorable. I only finished them by using common sense. The directions made no sense at all – for example – “repeat these 4 rows…” when there were only 3 rows. Another example is when making the top the instructions say, “work as for top…” Well, duh, this is the top. The instructions get a 1 star only. Very, very poor, and I have been knitting for over 30 years. A beginner would have quit immediately.

  10. This pattern is very unclear. I’ve been knitting for a while and still can’t understand it. More pictures would be nice too.

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