How To Make A Silk Flower Lei

Make a Hawaiian Lei using store bought silk flowers.

How To Make A Silk Flower Lei

What you need

38 inch (95cm)piece of heavy-duty thread
28 pieces of drinking straws around an 1 inch (2.5cm) in size
Silk flower petals
30 beads


Purchase silk flowers and remove the stems so that you are left with flower petals with a hole through the middle. If there is no hole use a punch or some scissors.

Alternatively just sew through the centre of the flower as you are going.

Thread the needle and knot it about 1 inch from the bottom.

Start with your first flower threading it over the needle and pushing it all the way to the end. Add a bead then a flower, then a straw then a flower and so on keep going until about 2 inches of thread is left.

Finish up with a straw.

Now knot the two ends together and close the lei. This lei is designed for an adult for a child just make it shorter.

Be creative and add leaves in between for more color or use different petals.

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  1. This and a home-made grass skirt make a great costume.

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