Shotglass candles

Use a shot glass to make a candle that is a real fun for parties.

Shotglass candles

What you need

shot glass(glass plastic will melt)
old candles
old measuring cup
wax dye(optional)


1.Break up all your old half burnt candles in to the measuring cup. You can use discolored wax if you are using wax dye

2.Put the measuring cup in to a pan of boiling water and leave to melt

3.When the wax has almost melted down completely add the wax dye

4.Cut wick to fit the shot glasses

5.Put the wicks inside the shot glasses (Make sure only to use glass shot glasses, plastic ones will melt)

6.When the wax is melted completely pour a measure in to each shot glass(careful not to submerge to wick)

7.When the wax is almost completely set move the wick in to the center of the glass and leave to set


  1. i might try this… and this is better because the shot glasses are smaller…

  2. just because an idea has been used before dosen’t mean you cant add your own twist! I love this and it is great for all those old candles my mom has.

  3. very origanal indeed!

  4. already been done with cups,bowls,etc. boring!!

  5. I often wondered what to do with old wax-thanks

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