Scrapbook Bookmark

If you need a quick and easy gift, bookmarks are always a good solution. Since bookmarks are so universally useful, almost anyone would be happy to receive one.

Scrapbook Bookmark

What you need

To make a bookmark, you will need:

1 - Piece of scrapbook card stock or heavy construction paper

Several feet of crochet thread, yarn or string

Adhesive squares, tape runner or craft glue

Paper scraps (used to cut out small photo mat squares and other paper embellishments)


Paper trimmer/scorer (optional)


Yarn needle

Various embellishments as desired (such as rubber stamps, decals or paper flowers)


This little scrapbook bookmark combines all the useful features of a bookmark with the fun of making a scrapbook page. The resulting bookmark would be a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays or any other occasion. You can vary the color and pattern of the paper to make bookmarks for men, women or children. While you’re at it, be sure to make several of these for yourself as well.

1.    You can make the bookmark any size that you desire. If you have a particular assortment of small photos you wish to use for the scrapbook bookmark, lay them on a piece of paper to determine the optimal bookmark size. Cut a piece of paper that is the same length as the desired finished size and twice the width, using scissors or a paper trimmer.

2.    Fold the piece of paper in half lengthwise. Using a paper scorer will create a neater crease. Use craft glue, tape runner or adhesive squares to secure the bookmark in the folded position. This will make the bookmark a double thickness for added durability. It will also allow the bookmark to look pretty on both sides, even if you are using scrapbook cardstock that is only printed on one side.

3.    Use the yarn needle to punch a small hole in the top of the bookmark.

4.    Measure a length of embroidery thread, string or yarn to the desired length for the tassel. Cut the piece of string twice this length. To make a tassel, wrap the string approximately 10 or 12 times around the width of the bookmark or other sturdy piece of cardboard. Loop the longer piece of string through these loops. You can then tie a knot with the longer string piece, securing the loops. Pull the loops off the bookmark or card, and cut the ends opposite of where you tied them. You will have formed a tassel at the end of a double length of string. Pull the tassel ends down neatly. Then, tie with a short piece of string approximately a half inch from where the tassel connects to the longer string, securing the tassel threads.

5.    Tie the finished string and tassel to the top of the bookmark by threading it through the small hole you made, using a yarn needle.

6.    Cut two pieces of scrapbook paper approximately 1/4 inch shorter and 1/4 inch narrower than the finished size of the bookmark. Affix one of these pieces to each side of the bookmark using craft glue. Center the pieces so that you can still see 1/8 inch of the bookmark base around each edge of the paper.

7.     Cut smaller squares and rectangles out of a coordinating shade of scrapbook paper to form small mats for your photos. Affix these to both sides of the bookmark.

8.    Embellish the bookmark as desired, using decals, rubber stamps, paper flowers and other scrapbook decorations.

9.    Add photos using adhesive squares, and enjoy your new bookmark.

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