Sand Glass Candle

A great idea for a group project. You can also try this candle by using different spice powders instead of sand.

Sand Glass Candle

What you need

Candle wax(any colour)
5 artificial colored sands
Small glass
Candle wick
Sauce pan.


First of all start melting the candle wax on slow flame in a saucepan. You can use any color you like I have used white so that the sands can be visible.

Now take the glass, this will also be of your choice of any shape and size.

Take the candle wick and place it inside the glass – the sands will be enough to hold the wick in its place.

Take the 5 sands and start layering them one by one inside the glass you can keep them layered according to your choice.

When the glass is filled to 3/4 take the wick and attach it to a toothpick and place it over the glass and start pouring your hot melted wax over it.

Wait till it completely cools n cut off the excess wick. Your sand candle is ready!


  1. quite economical-hope good as gift also.

  2. Very simple. Good idea for use of extra sand from other projects.I was wondering what could I do with the leftover sand I have accumulated.

  3. i think craft is VERY creative!!!!!!

  4. im so gunna try this with regular sand!!

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