Rustic Autumn Candle

These candles are great for decorative candles as they look wonderful sitting on a table top and can even contain leaves from a romantic walk making them sentimental.

Rustic Autumn Candle

What you need

Candle making supplies
Autumn leaves
twigs etc


This project follows the Basic Candle Making Instructions

Take your candle mold and dip your leaves into the hot wax and press it up against the edge of the mold to hold it in place. Drop in your other bulky items such as small twigs, stones or other collected items.

Then slowly pour your wax into the mold.

Note: Twigs and leaves are flammable and should be placed in the bottom of the candle away from the flame to avoid a potential accident.


  1. Be careful when burning the candle-the sticks and leaves can catch fire! My daughter made candles with coffee beans on the outside and one of them caught on fire.

  2. this is the perfect craft! i am on my way to getting started on it! thank you for finally making a website with affrdable crafts that are fun, easy, adorable and even sexy!

  3. great idea

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