Round Room Sachet Crochet

This Free Crochet pattern shows you how to crochet a scented room sachet.

Round Room Sachet Crochet

What you need

1- Ball, 100% Cotton,
Worsted Weight yarn.
Small amount of Polyester
Fiber fill. (Or cotton balls).
1 - Applique
Scented oil
Small eye dropper
1- yard of 1/4" Satin ribbon
Crochet Hook Size: G


Finished Size: 4″ Diameter


Make 2

Rnd 1) Ch 3, 6 Hdc in 3rd Ch from hook. Join.

Rnd 2) Ch 1, 2 Sc in each Hdc around. Join.

Rnd 3) Ch 2, Hdc in same space. *1 Hdc in next, 2 Hdc in next, Rep. from* around, 1 Hdc in last. Join to top of Ch 2.

Rnd 4) Ch 1, 2 Sc in same, *Sc next 2, 2 Sc in next, Rep.*around. Join.

Rnd 5) Ch 2, Hdc in same. *Hdc in next 3, 2 Hdc in next. Rep from* around. Hdc in last 2. Join. Fasten off.

Second Piece Repeat rounds 1-5 of first piece. Do not fasten off.

Rnd 6) Holding pieces together: Ch 1, Sc in same space while working through both thicknesses. Stuff as you work. Sc in each Hdc around.

Stop a few stitches before closing.

With an eye Dropper squeeze scent into fiberfill.

Finish with Sc to close opening. Join. Ch 1,

Rnd 7)  Sc in same. *Ch 3, Skip 2, Sc in next, around. End with Ch 3, Join to first Sc.

Rnd 8) SL St in Ch 3 space. Ch 3, Sc in Ch 2 space (2 times). Ch 2, Sc in Sc. *Ch 2, Sc in Ch 2, Ch 2, Sc in Sc. Rep. from* Around. Join to 1st Sc.
Fasten off.

Finishing Run a length of ribbon through spaces extend each end 8″ beyond the sachet and tie in a knot – then tie in a bow.

Glue Applique to center of sachet.

All done!

Contributed by Darlene.

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