Retro Chic Butterfly Pendant

Retro Chic Butterfly Pendant

What you need

Retro Chic Earrings
Butterfly Brooch
Silicone or Jewelry Glue
2 jump rings


This jewelry making project shows you how to convert a pair of store bought plastic retro chic earrings into a custom jewelry pendant.

To begin you need to remove the earring loop from the earring with a pair of pliers. Next attach 1 jump ring to the earring pendant and then add the next jump ring to that jump ring.

You double up the jump rings so that the pendant will sit correctly on a chain.

Take the butterfly brooch and remove the clasp from the back. You can do this by pulling the glued section off with pliers.
Alternatively you can leave this section connected and just remove the pin.

Using strong silicone or craft glue adhere the butterfly to the earring pendant as shown.

Once the glue is dried thread your chain through the jump rings for a beautiful custom jewelry piece.

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