Recycled TShirt – Dogs Tugga Toy

This home made dog toy is perfect for tug of war games or fetch. It is so simple to make that even kids can put it together. It is a great project for fetes and fundraisers too.

Recycled TShirt – Dogs Tugga Toy

What you need

20 1 inch x 20 inch (2.5 cm x 50 cm) recycled stretch knit from pants or tops in assorted colors.


You can use recycled stretch knit from old t-shirts or pants or if you like you can use new fabric.

Cut the fabric into 20 pieces that measure approx 1 inch x 20 inch (2.5 cm x 50 cm) for a large dog.

For smaller dogs reduce the length and quantity but not the 1 inch width.

Lay your pieces together in 2 sections of 10. Twist the 2 sections together and tie a large knot at each end as shown in the picture. Your knot should be tight and secure.

There is no need for gluing or sewing.

Alternatively you can plat your strands together or add extra knots depending on your dogs desire.

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  1. Not sure how you get the twisted material to stay twisted mine just unravels

  2. ckhicks says:

    Yep! Simple and fun to make this dog toy! Work time really was about 30 minutes and well worth the excitement for my hubby’s hound dog! I used strips from a t-shirt, tank top, and T-shirt gown, all stretchy fabric that doesn’t unravel. Toy was “untied” at one end within 30 minutes of play but “RB” still thinks it’s great! He’s been totally involved for one hour now. Even if it doesn’t last a minute longer, it’s still worth making as I’ve bought several of these in the $5-10 range that didn’t last beyond an hour either! And, this cost nothing besides time!!

  3. Wow…an endless supply of inexpensive dog toys since my dog seems to love to chew every single one up!


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