Recipe Scrapbooking

This is a great gift idea for newlyweds or those just moving out of home.

Recipe Scrapbooking

What you need

Assorted scrapbooking supplies


Over a long period of time collect articles on cooking tips , helpful hints and recipes. You can get these from Magazines cut-out’s , photocopies from recipe books or back of product recipe cards and ideas.

Once you have collected an assortment of recipes combine them all in a protected plastic folder.

The craft concept in this gift idea is not to just place each magazine page or printout straight into the folder sleeves but to creatively display them. Using the same techniques as scrapbooking for photographs and archives create beautiful borders surrounds and background pages to display your recipes on.

Use fancy cut scissors to give cut-outs a creative edge and surround your recipes with themed pictures.

Some ideas are:
Love hearts and romantic pictures for meals for 2 or special occasion recipes.

Christmas pictures for recipes related to food for the holiday or pictures related to the recipe ingredients Apples for apple pie ..etc.

While this project may seem a little time consuming. It is well worth the effort to have a handmade Recipe book to hand down to your children or to give away as a gift.

Note: If you want to keep this project for many years to come then ensure contents are acid free as with all scrapbooking supplies.

This project was contributed by Xiomi Overman She is a freelance writer living in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. She loves Scrapbooking and Craft projects too. She has a Recipe-Scraps ezine, specially for Recipe Scrapbooking. This is the email address in order to subscribe to the ezine:

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  1. What a great idea! My sister and I want to start scrapping together and this will be a wonderful way to start. Thanks!

  2. I just started a recipe scrapbook for my daughter-n-law as a surprise for her birthday. I am decorating the recipe cards and including pictures but also laminating the recipe card for future use.

  3. RockStarMomma007 says:

    My best friend and I, along with our husbands and children, have a Thanksgiving Pajama Party Turkey Feast and we actually started making a scrapbook this year with all of our recipes and personal notes on the modifications we made to each one of them. We will probably also include photos of the processes and finished product on each as well. This is a great project and one that we thought we could share with our girls as they get old enough to help us in the 2 day preparations of our celebration!

  4. This is an amazing idea! I am an aspiring chef and I have also always been into arts and crafts! I cannot believe I hadn’t thought of this before! Instead I keep my recipes all boring-like in a word document! This brings the two halves of me together! LOVE IT!

  5. This is a great idea, I am surprised I did not think of it myself. Have a lot of recipes in a plan folder. Can now start a recipe scrapbook.

    Great Idea


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