Pulses Paper Weight

These paper weights are quick for the kids to make and are ideal for Christmas and mother's/father's day gifts.

Pulses Paper Weight

What you need

Cleaned, dried, different coloured pulses - 3 or 4 varieties.(eg.mustard, moong dal, pepper)
Small, transparent glass or plastic bottle with lid. (empty shampoo or nail enamel remover bottle)


Recycled bottles and jar’s can be used to reduce the cost of this fun kids craft project.

Clean and dry the bottle thoroughly.

Fill the bottle tight with cleaned and dried pulses in layers of contrasting colors.

Time should be taken to fill the bottle full so that the pulses don’t mix with each other even when the bottle is tilted.

Close the bottle tight with the lid.

Pulses Paper Weights

Pulses Paper Weights


  1. wow, nice idea i dont have and pulses but then i have varieties of beads kept. id rather make one

  2. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says:

    Pluses are dried pea’s, beans etc. It is all similar stuff.

  3. What are *pulses*? :\ they look like dried peas and beans?

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