Prayer stone

These stones are great little trinket gifts and can be added to gift cards or book marks.

Prayer stone

What you need

Sculpey Granitex Clay


Shape clay into a rock shape.

Using the toothpick, write a message into the stone. i.e. Praise, Truth, Love, Peace….

Bake as directed to harden.

All done!


  1. cute. thts a great idea. i might make one, or five. 🙂

  2. cool! i’ll use whit clay and paint it….

  3. muffin99cat says:

    awsome rock!

  4. Brilliant.

  5. Zebras7890 says:

    great idea!, and brilliant for church fete’s etc love it!

  6. i like it but it has nothing to do with beads.

  7. I am a Christian and this is great!

  8. Coolio!

  9. I never thought of doing that

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