Potpourri Easter Chicken

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Potpourri Easter Chicken

What you need

various felt colors, Pink, Green,Yellow, Orange
Stuffing/toy wadding
needle and thread
2 small beads for eyes.


This Easter chicken is filled with potpourri for a fancy alternative to a simple Easter chick.


Start by printing out the following pattern and cutting out the pieces from appropriate colors of felt .

Start by stitching the sides of the rectangle together to form the body. Then stitch the base onto the body of the chicken.

Cut 2 feet out of felt.

Cut 4 wings out of felt and sew together for each side, do not turn inside out.

Cut 2 head pieces and stitch them together and turn inside out and fill with adding. Stitch the feather on top for hair and add the eyes.

Fill the body with potpourri and draw up the stitches, top with wadding.

Stitch the head into place and secure. Stitch the beak.

Bow tie – stitch across the rectangle piece and draw up in the middle to form the bow, secure with a few stitches.

Stitch the small rectangle into place to cover the gathering on the bow tie.

Stitch the bow tie into place.


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