Ponytail Bobble

Ponytail Bobble

What you need

6 yards (5.5mt)Noodles thick plastic lacing
9 Assorted plastic pony beads


Cut the lacing into 8 inch (20cm) lengths. Fold one in half over the elastic and tie in an overhand knot close to the elastic. Repeat with the other lengths varying the colors.

Slip a bead onto the end of an alternate color strand. Tie the strand ends together in an overhand knot. Repeat placing a bead on each remaining strand.

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  1. i’ve made bobby pin beads for hair and they are adorable

  2. Lil' Miss Craftyness says:

    To cute! I wana make one.

  3. weird

  4. I made this before,I think i used a little more string though, and it looks really cool with glow in the dark beads mixed in :):):)

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