Polymer Clay- St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun

This will make a cute St Patrick's day Leprechaun figure for a necklace, but you can make them any size.

Polymer Clay- St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun

What you need

Small amounts of: skin colored clay, blue clay, orange clay, pink clay, green clay, white clay, yellow clay, and black clay.
1 head pin (optional)


Step 1: Start with the skin colored clay and make a medium sized ball.

Step 2: To form the hat make a small cylinder about 1/3 of a cm thick place on top of a large but thin disk.

Step 3: Secure with a head pin (optional) this will allow you to use for jewelry.

Step 4: Using the rest of your clay add details such as a beard (orange), nose (pink),eyes(blue, black, white),ears (pink), band for hat (blue), Buckle for hat (yellow), and eyebrows (orange)

Step 5: .Bake following the directions on your clay packaging.

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